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We're a one man creative team.

Creative Handyman (noun) A person hired to do various small jobs, especially in the the fields of photography, video, design & illustration.

Radriguez, Inc. is a one-man creative team. It's me, Gabe Rodriguez. I've lived and worked in the pacific northwest since 1999 (with a short stint in Los Angeles). I've worked more than 10 years as a freelance photographer with the past few years focusing a lot of my attention on design and helping clients in a combination of photography, video, design and illustration. My job is to help good people get their message out into the world using clever ideas and inspired design. If you've got a problem, small or large, and you need a creative handyman, let's talk.


Gabe Rodriguez, photographer

Gabe Rodriguez, videographer

Gabe Rodriguez, designer


Gabe Rodriguez, Illustrator